Management Plan Neißegebiet

Client: Saxon State Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Geology
Period: 2005-2007
Dimension: 2.450 ha

The project area around the Lusatian Neiße extends from the Zittauer Gebirge, a low mountain range, in the south to the city of Muskau near Brandenburg in the north; the area has a length of approximately 110 km. The planning included initial data collection and evaluation of habitats and species according to the Habitats Directive as well as defining management principles and particular measures.
The interim results and measures were coordinated and agreed upon with local stakeholders (farmers, forest owners and tourism providers) and a regional work group. The collected data was fed into the web database of the Saxon State Ministry. The planned actions aim at securing at least the favorable conservation status of the habitat types and species in the area and consider the goals of the Water Framework Directive.