Municipal Landscape Plan Lübben

Client: Stadt Lübben (Spreewald) | Lubin (Błota)
Period: 2018-2021
Dimension: 121 km²
Location: Lübben | Lubin

The district town of Lübben is located around 70 kilometres south-east of Berlin, in the middle of the Spreewald biosphere reserve. The favourable connection to Berlin and the idyllic location of the town of just under 14,000 inhabitants make Lübben an attractive place to live in Brandenburg. In the currently updated Integrated Urban Development Concept, the town has set itself the goal of having around 15,000 inhabitants living in the district town by 2030. In short, Lübben is set to grow. As a result, the town intends to draw up a new land utilisation plan (FNP) –as of 2006.

The municipal landscape plan from 2005 is being updated in parallel with the redrafting of the FNP. This serves as an expert report for the areas of nature conservation, landscape management and recreational provision. The landscape plan forms the main basis for the strategic environmental assessment of the FNP. The location of the town of Lübben in the Spreewald biosphere reserve, with numerous protected biotopes and valuable animal and plant species, requires a great deal of sensitivity when designating new and additional residential locations. In addition, Lübben’s location between the Lower and Upper Spreewald predestines the town for gentle, nature-based tourism. The town’s proximity to nature is also an important source of identity and income. The water-dominated natural area with its floodplains is closely interlinked with the urbanised area. Consequently, this places limits on potential urban development.

In an initial work phase, the landscape plan provides a detailed description of the existing situation and the capacity of nature and the landscape in the urban area. This is done against the background of existing and expected impairments. As a result, objectives and measures for future development are derived. In June 2021, the scope of the investigation was clarified through scoping.