Planning approval for 380 kV overhead line Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf

Client: 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
Cooperation: BHF Landschaftsarchitekten Schwerin
Activity: Planning approval procedure according to §§18 ff NABEG
Period: 2019-2022
Dimension: 65 km length
Location: Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf

The grid reinforcement project between the substations Röhrsdorf in Saxony and Remptendorf in Thuringia serves to increase the transmission capacity of electricity in the two federal states. For this purpose, the existing 380 kV overhead line between the substations Röhrsdorf (Chemnitz, Saxony), Weida (Greiz district, Thuringia), and Remptendorf (Saale-Orla district, Thuringia) is to be reinforced by a new overhead line construction with high-current stranding, thus increasing the transmission capacity by approx. 40 %.

After a corridor between Röhrsdorf, Weida and Remptendorf had been identified in the upstream regional planning procedure (federal sectoral planning), within which the future line is to run between, the concrete route of the line had to be defined within the framework of the subsequent planning approval procedure. For the documents according to § 21 NABEG, various environmental reports had to be prepared in addition to the determination of the concrete line route as part of an overall comparison of alternatives. These included an EIA report, a landscape conservation plan and a technical contribution to the Water Framework Directive. The results of the Natura 2000 assessments and the species protection report prepared by the cooperation partners BHF had to be taken into account and integrated in the documents.