Potential analysis for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, Pritzwalk

Client: Stadt Pritzwalk
Cooperation: FIRU Berlin
Period: 2021-2023
Dimension: 165 kmĀ²
Location: Pritzwalk

The city of Pritzwalk recorded a high demand for the construction of ground-mounted photovoltaic plants (GMPP) in 2019 and 2020. Due to the existing planning sovereignty, it is the task of the municipality to control the construction of GMPP in terms of planning. In addition, the applications must be examined individually for their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the control instruments of communal urban land use planning, guidelines should be applied that also reflect such communal requirements that go beyond spatially relevant criteria, such as social and economic aspects. Thus, a catalogue of criteria and an evaluation system for the comprehensible, transparent assessment of project applications were needed. In 2020, the city councillors of the city of Pritzwalk decided to develop a guideline for the controlled settlement of open space photovoltaic plants.

In cooperation with the urban planning office FIRU Berlin, FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER developed a catalogue of criteria for exclusion and consideration criteria for the GIS-based identification of potential areas for GMPP in the urban area. In addition, an evaluation matrix was developed with the help of which the potential areas were classified in terms of their concrete suitability. FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER was responsible for compiling the data, determining the areas, preparing the maps and evaluating the areas from an environmental point of view. As a special service component, we prepared a landscape image analysis and GIS-supported visual field analyses for the potential areas. The planning was accompanied by an information and participation process for the population. In this way, comments could be incorporated into the site assessment at an early stage.