XPlan land-use plan in Prenzlau

Client: City of Prenzlau
Period: 2010-2011
Dimension: 15.000 ha

The goal of the ‘XPlanung’ project is to create both a standardised data format for the exchange of urban land-use plans, and a standard for the visualisation of plans – the intention being to enable a lossless exchange of data, computer-aided evaluation, as well as the provision of urban land-use plans through web-based tools. Based on ISO-compliant data models, the XPlanGML data format was developed alongside this.
In order to publish the 7 analogue parts of the land-use plan already in place in the town of Prenzlau in a web-based geoportal, the plans needed to be scanned, geo-referenced and digitised. Some of the key aims of the digitisation were the error-free merging of the parts of the land-use plan, the modification of the conclusions of the plan according to recent geo-based data, and the setting-up of a consistent geodata structure. With the help of the XPlanGML toolbox the digitised parts of the land-use plan were later converted into the XPlanGML 3.0 format. The plans are accessible through the geoportal of the town of Prenzlau.