Bureau trip to the Ice Age Feldberger lakes

Our annual bureau trip this year led us to the village of Thomsdorf near the Carwitzer Lake in Boitzenburger Land. After our arrival we saw away the evening over a bonfire and a delicious barbeque buffet. The next morning we began a bike tour through the forest, lake and open field landscape of the Feldberger lakes surrounding the idyllic fishing village of Carwitz. The first item on our agenda was a natural history tour through the conservation area of Hullerbusch and Schmaler Luzin. Our park ranger Herr Westphal was extremely knowledgeable about the formation of the lake landscape and its indigenous fauna and flora. Afterwards we went to Carwitzer Fischerhütte to enjoy freshly caught fish on a terrace overlooking the lake in glorious sunshine. After a quick cooling-off in the Schmale Luzin lake our tour continued on to the ‘Im Winkel’ Demeter farm in Thomsdorf, where the farmer Nicola Dobler explained to us both the principles of bio-dynamic agriculture and its advantages for nature and landscape, as well as the challenges of living and working in the countryside. Finally, we were all invited to stock up on vegetables, eggs and tea from the farm’s own organic shop. This year’s bureau trip had offered a balanced mix of recreation, physical activity and professional stimulation.