Garden Town Angerbachauen, Duisburg

Client: GEBAG Duisburger Baugesellschaft mbH | Stadt Duisburg
Cooperation: Christoph Kohl Stadtplaner Architekten
Period: 2019
Dimension: approx. 17 ha
Location: Duisburg-Huckingen
Contest: one 1. prize

The planning team Christoph Kohl Architekten and Fugmann Janotta Partner was awarded first place for three out of five construction sites in a tender for the residential construction “Am Alten Angerbach” in the Huckingen district of Duisburg, Germany.

The landscape’s character in Huckingen, Duisburg is shaped by the green meadows of the Angerbach water system. It is situated in the flood area of the Rhein river. Therefore, there was substantial demand to integrate blue infrastructure in the design. In this open space concept, “meander swale” make this infrastructure become the central design element, which is characteristic for the entire residential area. Rain water retention also comes alive. Along the planted edges of these pans, attractive little spots invite walkers to linger. Special spots in the district are designed as neighborhood squares, offering residents opportunities for meeting up and doing sports. Additionally, these places serve as infrastructural hubs for mobility and supply of the inhabitants.