Gransee Playground Plan

Client: Gransee and Communities District Administration
Period: 2013-2015
Dimension: 2.5 km² - entire city center
Location: Gransee

The population’s demographics is constantly changing, as is the leisure and play behaviour of different generations. Therefore, we analyzed and evaluated the existing playground infrastructure in Gransee’s historic downtown and adjoining districts. Based on the analysis, and in consideration of demographic trends, we proposed playing and activity opportunities for all ages and set priorities for the playgrounds’ development. We developed distinct measures and estimated the costs for each of the playgrounds to be built or refurbished. Both this plan for the playgrounds and the associated measures were aimed at improving the quantity and quality of opportunities for children to play.

The playground plan for Gransee was part of the initiative “Feeling good in Gransee” – “Wo(hl)fühlen in Gransee”. It defines a scope of action until 2025. In the long run, it will comprehensively suit the population’s need for attractive and barrier-free opportunities for playing and physical activity. The public, especially the children and young people of Gransee, was involved in the process in various ways including school workshops and surveys.