Ob dem Längelter, Heilbronn

Client: Stadt Heilbronn
Cooperation: UmbauStadt yellow z
Period: 2019
Dimension: 27 ha
Location: Heilbronn

The town’s new district “Ob dem Längelter” is a place that creates identity, consciously addressing the qualities of the urban and surrounding landscape. These qualities include the special location on the Längelter Hill, with a view of both the city and the landscape alongside the Neckar river, as well as close access to the town of Alt-Böckingen, the Christiane Herzog School and the city railway.

As a central principle, the project is designed to link these existing qualities through the new district. “Ob dem Längelter” responds to the fact that the surrounding structures are what one might call compartmentalized, but at the same time is committed to a far more differentiated and urban setting with a delicately hierarchized space and development structure featuring clear quarter patterns. The project design consciously emphasizes the location of the city on a hill; relations between views and routes are preserved or recreated.

Compact, cross-generational, with a family-friendly typological mixture, short routes and an efficient infrastructure suitable for innovative traffic concepts, the neighbourhood’s form establishes the preconditions for creating a “center in the outskirts” that meets current housing and sustainability requirements.