Federal Horticulture Show 2015, Brandenburg a.d. Havel

Client: Zweckverband Bundesgartenschau 2015 Havelregion, Premnitz
Period: 2012
Dimension: 32 ha
Location: Brandenburg an der Havel

Gardens of provenance

In the centre of the “Packhof” terrain grassy land rises into a gentle hill. On closer inspection, the hill reveals itself to the visitor to be an open field of gardens, whereupon an orthogonal grid of sand from the Mark region emerges out of its surface. Varying levels of height and various different edgings lend the gardens the quality of diverse layers (of time) characteristic of an archaeological dig. The gardens convey something of the origins of the Mark region and the city of Brandenburg, and in doing so reveal something of its future. They act like submerged and long-forgotten places that work their way back into our memories. The visitor strolls across the garden hills on the river Havel, following paths cut 3-metres wide into the hillsides.
Between the gardens within the hills lie square-like spaces where visitors can gather. An ever-changing array of flowers blossom throughout the gardens, continuing the grid and hinting that buried within the earth lie yet more artefacts awaiting discovery.