Church Square, Erkner

Client: City of Erkner
Period: 2019
Dimension: 2.500 m²
Location: Erkner
Contest: 2nd Place

–The redesigned church square is the landmark centrepiece of the city of Erkner. Clear-cut boundaries make the place feel even more coherent and therefore establish identity. Framed by two old rows of trees in the north and south and by the succinct church facade in the west, the place attracts both the youth and elderly. The area consists of four parts: the marketplace, the promenade, the meadow and the forecourt.

The marketplace will be organized around a well of granite. The well suffuses the empty marketplace with a positive atmosphere, attracting visitors to the square. Away from the bustle is the plaza under the lindens, which offers visitors a calm respite under shade. Under the lindens there is a plaza on a water-bound path, serving as a place for sauntering and sitting. A play area for infants is located under the protective canopy of leaves.