Opening of “Mäusespielplatz” Playground in Gransee

The festive opening of our “Mäusespielplatz” playground in Gransee took place on July 17th, 2017, in a well-attended event. The playground was installed as part of the second phase of the “Straße des Friedens in Gransee” construction project. After about 8 months of intensive construction activity, children in the City of Gransee and the surrounding area are now free to run around in the redesigned playground and take advantage of the wide variety of play opportunities which the playground offers. The playground features e.g. a trampoline, a variety of slides, swings and two spring riders, a waterplay area, various sandboxes and a climbing net. To complete the project, trees and bushes were planted as planned at the start of November 2017 to round out the overall profile of the playground. More photos can be found on the website of the newspaper Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung: