Municipal Landscape Plan of the City of Fürstenwalde/Spree

Client: City of Fürstenwalde/Spree
Period: 2016-2019
Dimension: 7.050 ha

The municipal area of Fürstenwalde/Spree has a municipal landscape plan from 1996, amended in 1997, that is used as the basis for the current version of the municipal landscape plan. Some elements of the area usage plan (as of 2014) were also incorporated. FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER is creating the new plan in two phases. The first phase shows the inventory and natural configuration of the analyzed area (as of 2016). It also shows conflicts between Fürstenwalde’s current city plans and the municipal area’s protected nature and landscape.

For the second phase – concept development – we launched a scoping phase in early 2017. Serving to define the expected scope, it showed promising results. Based on both the results and inventories, we are developing key principles and objectives for the municipal area, which show the optimal natural and landscape development. Implementing measures for preservation and development, we aim to give recommendations and offer guidance to improve the town’s ecosystem, biotope types and living spaces in the municipal area. In creating the local landscape plan, we pay particular attention to biological diversity, which should be increased not only beyond the developed municipal area, but also in the town center. Possible approaches for showing and increasing biodiversity were presented in a flyer at the start of work planning. These approaches will be looked at in greater detail in the local landscape plan and suggestions on how to increase the town’s biodiversity will be made.

The local landscape plan and the integrated town development concept (INSEK 2017) were created at the same time; FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNERS made important contributions to both the plan’s nature and landscape aspects.

Details will be made available to the public in 2019 when all documents for the local landscape plan are finalized. The town’s residents will be informed of the landscape plan’s content, with their attention drawn to the especially delicate issues of natural and landscape conservancy.