Lion-Feuchtwanger-Straße, Berlin

Cooperation: Arnold und Gladisch Objektplanung Generalplanung DMSW Architekten
Period: 2018-2020
Dimension: 1,3 ha
Location: Berlin-Kaulsdorf

As part of GESOBAU’s new building programme, a residential building complex has been built in the Berlin-Hellersdorf district. The new complex in Lion-Feuchtwanger-Straße complements the 1980s large-scale housing estate Kaulsdorf-Nord in the direct neighbourhood of Wuhletal. The ensemble, designed by Arnold and Gladisch with DMSW Architekten, consists of four buildings with 334 residential units, commercial and event spaces and a car park. The four angular buildings form two neighbourhood courtyards, which are connected via a neighbourhood square. The striking urban design blends effortlessly into the context of the large panel construction. Yet it sets an own accent with its materiality and subtle details.

Open space

The generous, yet diffuse open space of the neighbourhood flows through the Lion-Feuchtwanger-Straße residential complex, creating a link between the large housing estate and the Wuhletal. The courtyards, clearly defined by the four buildings, create a communicative meeting space with various recreational and play areas for all residents. The deliberately reduced choice of colours and materials for the surfaces and furniture harmoniously complements the architecture. A selection of robust perennials and shrubs, mainly native species, emphasises the landscape character of the surroundings. FJP