Platz der Befreiung, Berlin

Client: Municipal District Office of Treptow-Köpenick of Berlin
Period: 2008-2010
Dimension: 1500 m²
Location: Berlin-Adlershof

The narrow 1500 m² space is laid with natural banded stones, forming a tableau like pattern. The square has two monuments, both of which are important for the city: The “Monument for the Victims of Fascism” and the “Monument for the Soviet soldiers”. The area around the monuments is cleared. They are put on a “pedestal” with a small-cobbled surface. Spots with benches are marked by corten steel buckets of different lengths and heights. An ambient noise is generated by boweries containing robust and dry-resistant grasses and shrubs. Complemented by geophytes in spring, the boweries shield the square from the road’s traffic. Above them is an umbrella of light, small-crowned honey-shucks, “freely” spread across the square, shining yellow in fall.