Wrangelstraße, Berlin

Client: Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Berlin Mitte
Cooperation: Arnold und Gladisch Architekten
Period: 2015
Dimension: 2000 m²
Location: Berlin-Kreuzberg
Contest: 1. prize

In the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, a new residential and business building with a courtyard will be built on the property of the Evangelic Emmaus-Ölberg Parish on 30-32 Wrangelstraße street.

The main element of the draft reflects what could be called the motto of the trendy Kreuzberg neighborhood: Working, living and working in one place. The outdoor enclosure of the structure consists of two parts. The front part of the courtyard with fortified areas is the invigorated, urban segment. The back part, shaped by old trees, is calmer and resembles more of a landscape. Situated at the center of the structure, both the neighborhood square and the neighborhood gardens serve as connecting elements. They offer space for celebrations, common activities and socializing between neighbors. Freely accessible areas will be complemented by private areas for different groups of users, including a kindergarden, a terrace for people suffering from dementia and private gardens for the house’s residents.