Best practice for the approval of power lines at the BNetzA

Best Practice

In the course of the energy transition, the expansion and upgrading of the electricity transmission grid in the north and east of Germany plays a central role. With the publication of the planning approval decisions for the two sections of the Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf project (No. 14 of the Federal Requirements Plan Act), the approval procedure has been completed. The approx. 100 km long pipeline can now be built.

We feel a special appreciation for the work of the planning team around FJP and our cooperation partner BHF Landschaftsarchitekten in that the approval documents prepared by the team have been designated by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) as a “best practice” for the approval of overhead lines in the transmission grid.

Further information on project no. 14 can be found on the 50Hertz website. Further projects on 380 kV overhead line grid expansion can be found here.