Munich – Third workshop

Munich Workshop 3 Location

As part of the development of a master plan for Munich’s Südpark – Warnberger Riedel Parkmeile (“park mile”), the final workshop took place on 16 October 2023. The kick-off event in January 2023 and the walk with interested residents in the central section of the park mile in May already provided many suggestions for our project work.
35 people attended the third event. We presented the current draft status of the masterplan concept to them. At four work tables, we then went into more detail on various topics of the concept and discussed and evaluated the individual measures. The numerous results of the individual working tables were documented and presented by committed representatives of the respective topics.

During the discussion, it became clear that the existing open fields of the southern park mile should be preserved as a spatial quality. Although it should be accessible to the public, it should not lose its attractive expanse due to too many and too wide paths. Nature conservation and low-threshold recreation, such as walking, are also a priority. In addition, there is still a need for areas for allotment garden plots and communal gardening, such as the Münchner Krautgärten “Munich Herb Gardens”. FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER sees potential for expansion in selected areas of the Parkmeile, which also offer opportunities to promote biodiversity.

The evening was accompanied and moderated by the experienced team from the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations of the City of Munich and FJP. The results of the day will now be incorporated into the finalisation of the master plan. The plan is to publish the final masterplan for the Südpark – Warnberger Riedel park mile in 2024.

Munich Workshop 3 Munich Workshop 3 – site plan