Flyer Hangkante Nord, Fürstenwalde

Flyer Hangkante Nord Fürstenwalde und die Broschüre zum Landschaftsplan Fürstenwalde

The city of Fürstenwalde | Spree promotes biodiversity in its urban area. This includes the so-called “Hangkante Nord” not far from the OSZ Oder-Spree European School. The almost 10-hectare area has changed drastically over the last three decades. After the demolition of the training grounds of the Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik (GST) until 1997, a wide, vegetation-free area was formed. The dry grassland vegetation that had established itself there. It is an important habitat for rare animal and plant species. Though, it was in danger of disappearing due to the continuous growth of pine trees. Since 2009, a wide variety of maintenance interventions have ensured the preservation of this valuable open land area.

The city of Fürstenwalde | Spree presents the project in the recently published flyer “Hangkante Nord — Landschaft durch Maßnahmen entwickeln”. It presents the most significant aspects of the long-term monitoring and landscape conservation endeavour. The project also serves as a model for other areas in the town, that can be developed using funds for compensatory and replacement measures under nature conservation law. We recently analysed and evaluated sixteen of these potential areas for action in fact sheets. Furthermore, we identified corresponding development potential for 65 sub-areas.

The flyer and the brochure on the landscape plan, which was published in 2022, are available for free to all interested parties at the Fürstenwalde town hall (Rathaus, Am Markt 4).